AppForce1 Podcast: news and information for iOS app developers

AppForce1 Podcast: news and information for iOS app developers

Jeroen Leenarts

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223 Latest episodes

Apr 20, 2023 E102 00:08:48

Links in this episode:Build your own TwitterReal-World Xcode Project Using TuistLinting Documentation with Vale to Increase Quality & ConsistencyBasic Stream Backend Integration using NodeJSComparison of Cherry Brown and Gazzew U4 switchesSkip typing...

Apr 11, 2023 E101 00:16:05

Links:Comparing Operators of Combine for iOSPlanning Animations in SwiftUISwiftUI ToolbarAutomating Swift CLI releases with GitHub ActionsGitHub webhooks 🤝 Xcode CloudShow an Incoming Call on a DeviceHide Sensitive Data When Device Is Locked?Tap Gestures...

Mar 08, 2023 E100 00:33:20

LinksTaskGroup error handlingFilter debugger outputPasskeys for iOS@available attributeSwift 5.9: Network reqs in Swift package pluginsUsers manage In-App Subs.ProgressViewTabViewRun and test async Vapor cmndsTasks in parallelOrder and ConcurrencyShare wi...

Feb 10, 2023 E99 00:14:46

I've been scheduling a few interviews again. It's interesting to see that people are often quite self-deprecating about being a good candidate to be interviewed on my podcast. People can always indicate why they are not exciting guests, but let&...

Feb 02, 2023 00:43:33

Meet my friend. ChatGPT. I interviewed him. It's an idea I got from another podcast. Enjoy. :)Runway
Put your mobile releases on autopilot and keep the whole team in sync throughout. More info on

Lead Software Developer 

Jan 04, 2023 E97 00:24:07

In this episode, I’m going to talk about:A new microphone for podcasting, the Shure 87A2022 in reviewHow to Run Stream’s Docs on a Multipass VMXcode Cloud scripts: Fastlane and CocoapodsSwift async/await in AWS lambdasLooking back at my 2022Using CallKit...

Dec 26, 2022 00:46:02

Azam and I discus some architectural ideas Azam has developed over the course of over a hundred sample codebases.Azam's blogAzam's article mentioned in the episode: Practical Mv Pattern CrudAzam's Udemy course: MV Design Pattern in iOS - Bu...