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AppForce1 Podcast: news and information for iOS app developers

Jeroen Leenarts

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223 Latest episodes

Sep 12, 2023 S01 E07 00:39:02

Send us a Text Message.Rudrank and I talk about the things leading up to Do iOS, our failed attempt to get him to Amsterdam in 2022 and our second attempt this year.

We also talk a bit about conference organizing and some of the ways I am doing t...

Aug 22, 2023 S02 E05 00:36:46

Send us a Text Message.Donny Wals joins me on my podcast to talk about Do iOS. Why he's there and what he hopes to get from Do iOS.

More information on his workshop and Do iOS.
Learn more about Donny on his website.


Aug 22, 2023 S02 E04 00:30:24

Send us a Text Message.In this episode I talk with SwiftDev. Someone who got into iOS development because he just likes programming and the apple platform seemed like the best place to start.His goal is to become an indie developer at some point. Supporte...

Aug 15, 2023 S02 E03 00:41:07

Send us a Text Message.Monika Mateska is a speaker at Do iOS. Listen in to learn more about her.

You can find Monika on LinkedIN and on Twitter/X.

More info on her VisionOS talk, see the Do iOS site.Runway
Put your mobile releases on...

Jul 05, 2023 S02 E02 01:19:35

Send us a Text Message.Adam, Filip, Monika and me dive into some of the aspects of organizing a conference. You will probably be left with plenty of questions afterwards. Send them in.Also, this is based on our own experience, always consider your specifi...

Jun 07, 2023 S02 E01 00:30:49

Send us a Text Message.Welcome to my new format. I will mention the occasional news item if it is amazing. But I don't want to add to your burden during WWDC week too much. More on my thoughts on that next time.

This time some history on the...

May 08, 2023 00:10:29

Send us a Text Message.This episode's articles:Spinning Up a Feature Request Screen with SupabaseSecurity in iOS ApplicationsSwiftUI: Using a Repository as the single source of truthTips and tricks for exploring a new codebaseGrand Central Dispatch (...